The virtual reality training solution for the restaurant industry

Revolutionize restaurant training with our virtual reality solution. Enhance skills, improve efficiency, and elevate customer service through immersive experiences.

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Feeling better equipped

During their training, employees develop an important sense of autonomy and competence.

Zero food waste

Unlimited hands-on practice without wasting a single food item.

Greater employee retention

With a fun, confidence building first experience, employees satisfaction is improved.

Training your employees in Virtual Reality is possible!

Smooth is revolutionizing the world of corporate training to make it fun, effective, and accessible. We’re here to help Quick Service Restaurants make a smooth technological shift, offering a service to adapt their training program to the most innovative technologies.

7 Benefits Of VR Training

What is virtual reality training and who is it for?

Virtual reality allows hands on training in a custom made immersive environment while eliminating factors such as service slowdowns, material losses, training manpower and safety issues. Our program enables workers to train and retrain without requiring any time investment from their colleagues. Smooth Soft accelerates the training process by over 50% while providing consistent in-depth learning for every single new employee. We are specialists in the quick service restaurant industry.

Why Choose Smooth Soft?

Hands-on training from the very beginning

What do we do concretely?

  • We recreate your work environment in a three-dimensional digital world.
  • We adjust your training program to virtual reality and provide you with the necessary tools to train your employees autonomously, on a large scale.
  • We offer employees the opportunity to truly learn the movements required to perform a task, without affecting operations.
  • We create learning and evaluation situations, educational games, quizzes and exams.


Virtual reality completely immerses the player in a distraction-free environment.



Virtual reality training allows employees to actually practice movements in the virtual environment, facilitating information retention.



Every employee will receive the same information. We eliminate the human factor by ensuring that each level is the same for everyone, without a right pass.



We make the training experience fun, engaging and challenging.



Virtual reality does not require a great amount of technological skills. Without controllers, it is accessible to people of all ages.



Top of the line in terms of technological innovation, our training method inspires respect and solemnity.

Equip your employees with the knowledge they really need.

Make it smooth!


VR Training Experiences

Xavier B.-DEmployee
An impressive and innovative experience that could easily change the way we go about training in the future in a restaurant setting.
Nathalie A.Manager
I appreciate the fact that our future clerks have virtual training with Smooth before starting in the branch. I see several advantages to this. By having made salads virtually before starting, they learn the recipes faster and assimilate the job of clerk much faster. The first day of training in the branch is maximized thanks to Smooth. They already have a lot of knowledge before they even start.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the virtual reality training work?

Virtual reality training utilizes immersive technology to create realistic simulated environments for learning and skill development. Users wear VR headsets and interact with virtual environments that replicate real-world scenarios. Through interactive experiences, users can navigate and manipulate objects while receiving real-time feedback. This training method offers a highly engaging and experiential learning environment, allowing individuals to practice and refine their skills in a safe and controlled setting.

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How many locations should my company have to use VR training?

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