Case study: Olivia Bistro-Boutique

How Smooth training improved employee acquisition, training and retention while reducing training costs.


decrease, our program significantly shortens employee training time, enabling faster skill acquisition and fostering greater productivity within your workforce.


employees left due to poor kitchen integration, ensuring seamless transitions and higher retention rates.

10 min.

of adaptation is the time needed for the employee to be completely autonomous for his Smooth training.

The problem

With a high level of customer traffic, it was difficult for Olivia Bistro-Boutique to provide a smooth integration into operations for new employees. The operations were simply too fast-paced to provide a good learning environment.

New employees’ first experience was stressful, they felt useless and didn’t know where to stand or what to do. Almost half of the employees left after one week on the job. Training had become a burden on the team.

Employees were not able to acquire the necessary knowledge and order errors were routinely reported.

The solution

Smooth training removed the employee from operations while allowing them to become familiar with the space, work tools, procedures and recipes.

Employees learn at their own pace without affecting operations and without incurring food waste. The employee is completely immersed in a virtual environment similar to the service line.

They become familiar with the recipe lists and other tools, the location of items and they actually practice the different steps of food production.

Unleash the Benefits of VR Training!

Unleashing Remarkable Results

Experience remarkable results with our employee acquisition, training, and retention program. With 60 employees trained, we have saved $15,750 in salary costs and significantly reduced errors. Our focus on cultivating talent and fostering a culture of excellence has proven to be a game-changer for businesses seeking exceptional outcomes. Join us on this transformative journey and unlock your organization's full potential.

In 12 months, 100 employees were trained in VR.

None left in their first week due to feelings of incapacity.

$26,250 in salary saved.

A 50% reduction in training time saved $26,250 in salary.

Reduction of errors.

Before Smooth, missing ingredients were common in prepared dishes. Complaints have decreased significantly with Smooth.

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