The story of Smooth Soft

From Vision to Virtual Reality: The Inspiring Story of Smooth Soft and Our VR Training Revolution

We all remember in our own way the month of March 2020: the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. For Rock Levasseur, this meant laying off all the employees of the 2 restaurants he co-owned and working hard with his partners to rethink the restaurant business to meet the changing needs of society in times of crisis. After several months of work, the owners’ desire to expand was achievable, but hiring dozens of employees in such a busy time presented a great training challenge. Again, a solution had to be found.

Rock came up with the idea of using virtual reality for training purposes. Virtual reality requires users to be fully immersed and engaged in a specific environment where they can actually practice movements. This technology also has great potential in terms of data analysis, which can pinpoint common mistakes and identify employee strengths and weaknesses. It seems the benefits and possibilities are endless with virtual reality for training and education purposes.

So Rock founded Smooth Soft in 2021 and hired a team to develop a virtual reality training program for Olivia Bistro-Boutique staff. Developing, testing and fine-tuning the entire Smooth training process with a client that is also his own is a golden opportunity. With a solid system in place, the team is ready to take on new challenges.


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