Why Choose Smooth?

Comparing Training Approaches: The Old School Way, with an LMS, and with Smooth Soft

Our page provides a convenient table comparing different training approaches: the traditional “Old School Way,” using a Learning Management System (LMS), and the innovative approach offered by Smooth Soft.

The table outlines key features and benefits for each approach, such as standardized training, engaging experiences, time and location flexibility, scalability, performance analysis, learning by doing, stress-free environments, food waste consideration, and ease of development and use.

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the old school way with an LMS with Smooth Soft
standardized training
engaging experience
time and location flexibility
scalable system
performance analysis
learning by doing
stress free environment
creates food waste
easy to develop and use

We know your struggles

If …

  • training employees feels like a burden;
  • your employees don’t do things the exact same way;
  • your managers have to do overtime to train the new employees;
  • you realize employees that have been there for month still don’t know some basic skills;
  • you have to deal with too many customer complaints because of avoidable mistakes,

We have the solution for you. Invest in an effective training system that your employees will actually like and want to use.

You will definitely save time and money with us.

Our VR training system is autonomous – doesn’t require the attention of a trainer even during the first training session.

Our price vary depending on what you need, the number of locations and employees you have, and the various stations you wish to develop. But the basic line is: you pay a one time development fee + each locations pay a monthly fee afterwards for using the software. Some additional fee may apply.

You want to save money while improving your employee training experience? Don’t be shy and come talk to us!

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Equip your employees with the knowledge they really need.

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