How Smooth Soft VR Training Saves Restaurants Time and Money

January 18, 2024 - About Smooth Soft, VR for Quick-Service Restaurants

Article published by ArborXR

What if you could cut down restaurant training from weeks to hours? Smooth Soft is doing exactly that. While most traditional quick service restaurant (QSR) training can take 30-40 hours or more to train an employee, VR training with Smooth Soft prepares new employees to work competently on food lines in an average of 3-6 hours.

Co-founded by restaurant owner Rock Levasseur along with manager Emilie McDonald, Smooth Soft creates VR training simulations for quick-service restaurants. Their technology helps employees rapidly learn processes and recipes in an engaging, risk-free environment.

What are the most significant benefits of VR training in QSR settings? Reducing food waste and training time.

Smooth Soft’s VR content eliminates food waste in training and can condense long hands-on training to just a few hours.

With VR training, new restaurants can open faster, with less wasted food and smaller training budgets. Existing restaurants use Smooth Soft to onboard employees, helping them become competent even more quickly to keep up with customer demand.

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